Open for bids July 1st – July 31st through our Facebook Page.

All bids must be done through our Facebook page in these simple steps:

  1. Find our Facebook Page and give it a “Like”
  2. Every current basket that is available for bidding will be pinned to the top of our page
  3. Enter your bid in the comments section of the post
  4. All bids must have $5 increase increments
  5. The basket will go to the top bidder

Aaahhh, summer! Days of sunshine, beautiful flowers, fresh garden produce, and picnics at the beach! Let’s celebrate the beauty of summer with this month’s AMAZING basket: Flowers, Cheese & Wine! We are thrilled to announce our next Holidays & Handbags Basket: Flowers, Cheese & Wine!

This basket has several elements courtesy of Wood’s Floral & Gifts who are also our July Basket sponsor – Thank you for your on-going support of Solutions Center’s mission!

This basket has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for the perfect home décor, sharing a glass of wine with your girlfriends, taking a romantic picnic with your significant other, impressing your friends with your meat and cheese displays (hello summer patio party!) or just in need of the perfect gift for someone special…

Seriously! ITS ALL HERE!

Okay, here’s the details:

  • Copper Deer Wall Art courtesy of Wood’s Floral
  • 3 Piece Tree and Flower Wall Art courtesy of Wood’s Floral
  • Fresh Flower Arrangement for a Year from Wood’s Floral
  • $90 in Gift Cards to Widmer’s Cheese Cellar
  • Centorri Moscato courtesy of Cujak’s Wine & Spirits
  • $20 Gift Certificate to Cujak’s Wine & Spirits
  • Wollersheim Blushing Rose Wine
  • $30 Gift Card to Brandon Meat Market
  • Cheese Board with Cutlery Set by Royal
  • Peterboro Collection “New York” Picnic Basket
  • Black and White Deco Blanket
  • Green and Orange Dip/Serving Dishes

This basket is valued at $1,175 and bidding will start at $400. All bids must increase by at least $5.00. Bids must be made in the comments section of our Facebook page throughout the month of May. Good Luck!