Open for bids March 8th – March 31st through our Facebook Page.

All bids must be done through our Facebook page in these simple steps:

  1. Find our Facebook Page and give it a “Like”
  2. Every current basket that is available for bidding will be pinned to the top of our page
  3. Enter your bid in the comments section of the post
  4. All bids must have $5 increase increments
  5. The basket will go to the top bidder

This is the perfect HOME & GARDEN themed basket for anyone! Gift it for an upcoming birthday, Mother’s Day or simply for yourself!

Included in this basket:

  • 🌱 10×15 Baker’s Table baking sheet in speckled green
  • 🌱 9 inch Bakeshop square cake pan in speckled pink
  • 🌱 Set of Masterclass measuring spoons in speckled green
  • 🌱 9.5 inch Brandani porcelain enamel surfaced cast iron pot in light blue
  • 🌱 Rubber spatula and bunny cookie cutter
  • 🌱 “Good Morning” coffee mug in speckled blue
  • 🌱 Wooden décor bunny
  • 🌱 Fabric woven basket
  • 🌱 Plant stand and pot
  • 🌱 $30 gift card to Widmer’s Cheese
  • 🌱 $50 gift certificate to the Berry Patch
  • 🌱 $25 gift card to Honeymoon Acres
  • 🌱 bebe Sophia Crossbody purse in dark blush

This basket is valued at $305. Starting bids begin at $60.00. All bids must be done in the comments section of this post and must increase by at least $5.00 each time. Good Luck!