Hey there! Welcome to Kindly, Me where we highlight beautiful everyday people as they move through this world in their own way. These are stories of people who have somehow touched Solutions Center: clients, staff, residents, volunteers, donors, board members and more.

Through the links below, you’ll be able to read unique individual stories of people living right here in our Northeastern Wisconsin town. Their stories are real. Their experiences are real. Their battles and scars are real. Here, they have chosen to welcome you into their world. Here, they will share with you words of wisdom and encouragement to find your own radiance. Because you, my dear, are so worthy and deserving of a radiant life.

To our participants, thank you for extending your voice, your courage and your wisdom to us and the people in our community. The world is a better place with you part of it, and we’re so grateful to know you and to hear your story.

We hope their words empower you to walk your own path, powerfully and authentically.

If you would like to participate in our Kindly, Me project (whether you have had contact with Solutions Center before or not), please reach out to Nicole at njohnson@solutionsfdl.com or 920-923-1743. We would love to hear from you!