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Solutions Center Shelters and Support Services offers a multitude of services to those dealing with domestic abuse and homelessness. Our caring and dedicated staff is on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to work closely with those in crisis.

Currently we maintain three shelters which include: Men’s Homeless, Domestic Violence Victims, and the Family Shelter.

One of our biggest needs is the Domestic Violence Victims Shelter, housing on average 25 clients per night. Our staff works with clients from distressed situations requiring immediate care and comfort at all hours of the day and night.

For this reason our Board of Directors started the initiative called “Comfort.” The goal is to fully renovate our Women’s Shelter into a place of tranquility and safety.

Recent projects at the Domestic Violence Victims Shelter include:

  • Replacing the windows with new energy efficient and safe windows.
  • In 2015 we updated our security system, fire alarms, and added a new exterior video surveillance system.

Today, we have several projects under consideration:

  • Project A: Intake Office (Sponsored by The Service League & completed 2016)
    • Presently, all visitors come in through the back entrance into the main kitchen area. This allows full access to our clients (including children). The goal is to move the entrance to the front of the house, and convert the front four-season room into an intake office. By developing a new intake office, it would offer our clients privacy from visitors and provide new clients an area of comfort through the intake process.
      Estimated Project Cost: $8,600
  • Project B: Library (sponsored & completed 2016)
    • The library remodel would be designed to offer our clients a resource area for reading, meditation, job research, permanent housing searches and other services at computer work stations. The goal is to improve the overall appearance of the library with new paint, lighting, refinishing the wood work and new privacy blinds on the windows.
      Estimated Project Cost: $4,500
  • Project C: Kitchen (still in need of sponsors)
    • The kitchen was originally designed to accommodate one family not 20 women, children and staff. The goal: To expand the kitchen to handle daily volumes of the shelter needs for cooking and food storage. Most appliances are 30 plus years old and our goal is to install commercial type appliances to handle high daily usage. Project also includes expanding the overall square footage by 30%, with new walk-in pantry, appliances, cabinets, countertops and center island to improve overall counter space.
      Estimated Project Cost: $50,000
  • Project D: Restrooms (still in need of sponsors)
    • The restrooms in the Domestic Violence Victims Shelter are in much need of repair from years of high usage, poor ventilation, plaster ceiling falling down, and even mold in some of the restrooms. There are a total of five client restroom facilities ranging from need of paint to major renovation. Needs include: New flooring, fixtures, showers, and ceiling fans (to eliminate ventilation issues).
      Estimated Project Costs (five projects in total): $1,500 – $7,900

Due to lack of funding, we are unable to complete these renovations at this time. These projects are not publicly-funded; therefore, it is through the generous support of private donors, such as you, that we may be able to increase the comfort, safety, and security of our clients.

On behalf of the clients, staff, and Board of Directors, thank you for your thoughtful consideration in giving the Solutions Center, Fond du Lac County’s only domestic violence and homeless shelter.